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The best thing

to happen to your dog since...YOU!

Partners in Canine is a professional dog training company based in Windham, ME. We offer a plethora of services online and in our state-of-the-art studio. We use science-based methods in our training that focus on creating a balanced and harmonious relationship with your dog.

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"As a member of the veterinary community (Vet Tech) and someone who has rescued dogs over 30 years I can't say enough about what Meg and Merri have done for our dog, Nova. There is a difference between someone who can teach your dog to sit and trained professionals who can help you understand a dog's psyche, the reason WHY they do things and help you overcome them. Nova has gone from a nervous, reactive young dog to a mature adult who has confidence and knows how to behave. Meg and Merri partner with you to figure out what is best for you, and your dog, which is what every dog owner needs to ensure their dog grows up to be a confident well-behaved pup."

- Casey Bobb, Nova

"I have a reactive dog who was nearly impossible to walk, since he would be lunging and barking at dogs. After working with Partners in Canine, he walks calmly and is able to focus on me when there are other dogs around. They never made me feel like a failure and taught things in chunks so it wasn’t overwhelming."

- Joslin Chidester, Phil

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