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Day Camp Options

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All dogs participating in Day Camp must have taken previously, or be currently enrolled in private lessons or a program at this time. This helps us maintain a safe and structured environment where all the dogs have the same foundational training - which allows us to have more fun and freedom during the day. If you have questions regarding Day Camp sessions that are included in your purchased program, please reach out to us! 

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Subscriptions vs. Punchcards​

-> Punchcards are a one-time purchase. Schedule sessions at will.

-> Subscriptions are a recurring monthly charge with standing reservation(s) for your dog each week. Save money with this option if your dog is attending day camp long term. 

Standard Day Camp

$300 - 5 Day Punchcard

$550 - 10 Day Punchcard

$225 - Subscription (5x/month)

$450 - Subscription (10x/month)

Enrichment Day Camp

$400 - 5 Day Punchcard

$775 - 10 Day Punchcard

$325 - Subscription (5x/month)

$650 - Subscription (10x/month)

Subscriptions are charged monthly and unused appointments due to studio closures will rollover.

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Select an option
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