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Our boarding services were developed with the utmost care and safety of your dog in mind. Meg provides boarding service at her home in Sebago - and transports them to the studio and other excursions during the day. Meg focuses on providing the comforts of home while maintaining structure and routines that complement your dog's training needs and goals. Boarding with PIC means you can focus on your time away knowing your dog is safe and happy. Like most of what we offer, Boarding with Partners in Canine is a tailored service that can be enhanced especially for you and your dog's needs.

Our boarding services are currently only available to past and current students. 

Standard Boarding $60/night per dog

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Board and Training options available! 

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Q: Can you describe the living quarters where my dog will stay?

A: Meg's property is a small farm consisting of about 2 acres situated in a semi-rural neighborhood in Sebago (on the lake). Generally, dogs that are boarding will house in the lower level of the house (separated from personal dogs). This part of the house is a climate-controlled walk-out basement. Most dogs are crated when they are not training, exercising, playing, or being pottied while they are at Meg's home. Depending on how well dogs can tolerate freedom within the space (and wishes of the owner) they have access to furniture and the living space and hang out in the evenings with her family. 

Q: What is a typical day look like for my dog while boarding?

A: Dogs are transported to the Studio in Windham on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and attend Day Camp. At the end of the day they travel back to Meg's home for the evening. Dogs who have attended Day Camp will get the opportunity to relax and unwind on a walk before having dinner and going to bed. On days where Day Camp does not occur, the dogs participate in training sessions, play/exercise sessions, and walks (similar to Day Camp) on the property. Depending on the dog's social skills they may have the opportunity to play with other dogs who are boarding as well. Dogs who are in a training program will typically receive several training sessions throughout the day and are fed on the according schedule outlined in that program (ie meals may be fed throughout the day vs meal "times"). Dogs are supervised at all times. 

Q: My dog has special that a problem?

A: No. We take pride in knowing that we are providing a very important service to very important clients. Our professional training background and knowledge gives us the ability to care for "difficult" dogs, and dog's that need special care. Meg has extensive experience handling reactive and aggressive dogs, dog's that require medication, and other special needs. We ensure that safety, the health of your dog, and your dog's happiness are always considered top priority . 

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