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The Puppy 101 Program
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More info...

The Puppy 101 Program is open enrollment - meaning you can start at any time. The program is a total of 4 weeks long. Each week your puppy will attend 2 Day Camp Sessions and you will attend 1 Group Class with your puppy. After purchasing the Program you will receive an email to confirm availability for the start date you selected and instructions on accessing The Online Learning Portal. You will also need to select four Group Classes. Group Class is the same day and time each week. You must submit your puppy's vaccination records in the parent portal(or bring them with you to your first Day Camp appointment) before your pup can attend. 

Your puppy's first 2 Day Camp Sessions occur before attending your first Group Class.  Click Here to learn more about Day Camp.

Group Class is Sundays at 9:00am 

What you will need...

- an adjustable collar

- a harness

- a crate (kept at home)

- a pet bed, mat, cot, or elevated surface the puppy can fit on comfortably (kept at home)

- a 4-6ft leash

- a 20ft (or longer) regular or retractable leash (kept at home)

- A desktop or tablet to view The Online Portal

Step 1: Fill out the Registration Form 

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Step 2: Payment

Payment is required to secure enrollment. 

Waiver and Release of Liability Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement:

By making this payment I acknowledge that dog training and certain activities with dogs are potentially dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury and/or property damage. I further acknowledge and assume full responsibility for any such risks whether foreseen or unforeseen. I hereby release, waive, discharge and agree not to sue Partners in Canine, its facility, or any of its owners, instructors, agents or employees (the Releasees) from all liability to myself, my personal representatives, heirs, administrators, dogs and assigns for any and all loss or damage, and any claim or demands therefore on account of injury to my person, my dog or my property, now and forever, arising out of our related to participation and/or instruction in said course, activities, or any other related operations that may occur, whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise. I also agree to abide by all class policies of Partners in Canine. My dog(s) is current and will remain up to date with immunizations for rabies, distemper, parvo virus and kennel cough. If you cannot make your appointment you must cancel/reschedule through our booking service or via a phone call to avoid being charged the full amount of your service. No refunds can be issued for Programs within one week of the start date of your 1st appointment. There are no "make-up" sessions for any missed classes or day training. No refunds full or partial will be made for missed appointments in Programs. I give permission for Partners in Canine to record and publish photos and videos of myself or my dog during training for use on social media and other marketing platforms. 

Please allow us 1-3 business days to process your registration. We'll send you an email to help you get started!



Step 3: Create a profile on the Parent Portal