Puppy 101

Welcome to Puppy 101

Congratulations on purchasing the Puppy 101 program! Let's get started...

First, make sure you schedule your first appointment - a Day Camp session! You can schedule your Day Camp sessions from the email you received when you purchased the program. If you have any issues scheduling, please click here to contact us right away!


Ideally, we'd love to have your pup attend two Day Camp sessions per week before meeting for our Group Class together. You can schedule as you go, or book them all at once. We will need to make a copy of your puppy's negative fecal results and proof of Bordetella and DHLPP at your first Day Camp session!!! Please update us when they have received Rabies as well. You can email us a copy ahead of time by clicking here.

**Please view the Online Learning Platform on a desktop or tablet - it is not designed to read on a mobile device!!***


What You Will Need in This Program:

- an adjustable collar

- a harness

- a crate

- a 4-6ft leash

- a 20ft (or longer) regular or retractable leash

We Also Recommend:

- an elevated pet bed or cot (for place training) 

- baby gates, play pens for management at home

We will provide a Clicker at your first appointment!

Day Camp:

- Drop off between 8AM - 9AM

- Pick up between 3PM - 5PM 

- Pack your puppy's LABELED breakfast and lunch (if you feel you must feed them before dropping off, only feed a portion of that meal so puppy is hungry during training sessions at camp)

- For Drop Off: A Day Camp Attendant will greet you outside and leash your puppy with their own leash. They will then instruct you to remove your harness and leash. Place your puppy's LABELED belongings on the bench in the vestibule outside.

- For Pick Up: Pick up your belongings from the bench. A Day Camp attendant will bring your puppy to you outside and wait for you to attach your leash before taking their's off.

- Follow COVID-19 safety protocols by wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

- Your pup's training program includes access to a private Facebook Group to connect you with classmates and alumni, videos and pictures, and updates on the program. CLICK HERE to join (you will need to be approved by an admin)

Group Class:

- Arrive 5-10mins early and be prepared to work your pup from the car right into the studio. Have everything you need ready to go the moment you arrive.

- Bring your puppy's meal and your clicker (and make sure they are hungry!)

- Although our puppies are likely friends with one another, please refrain from on leash greetings and give other pups and their handlers plenty of space

- Walk your puppy into the studio in their harness; switch to collar once training begins

- Follow COVID-19 protocols by masking and social distancing

- Each class builds off of the previous one, so please make sure to practice during the week. Daily practice at home is vital to you and your pup's success in this program. 

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