Partners In Canine was founded on the passion we have to always be learning and going above and beyond for our students. We have had the pleasure of working with many dogs throughout their entire lifetime - and we have learned a lot over the years. Our goal is always to help you to live your best life with your dog. Here is just some of the awesome feedback we get from our students...

  • Luna - Puppy 101

    I adopted Luna over the summer of 2020. Luna is a wonderfully sweet cattle dog but I definitely bit off a bit more than I was prepared to chew! I reached out to the team at Partners in Canine and enrolled in Puppy 101 classes which was the smartest decision. Merri took on the challenge of work with Luna and me and handled us with the utmost care and confidence. She was so patient with me and made me a much more confident cattle dog parent. Luna loved her classes and has learned so much from the team at Partners in Canine. I highly recommend any puppy parent enroll in Puppy 101! 

    -Kate and Luna

  • Finley - Puppy 101

    We are so glad to have found Partners in Canine and Puppy 101.  The blend of online and live learning has allowed us to train at a pace that works for us and for Finley. And the videos of his training sessions from puppy camp allow us to see the trainers work their magic in the studio... and then practice it all at home. Merri and Meg are both extremely skilled, helpful and responsive.  Thanks to Puppy 101, Finley isn't just adorable, he is well behaved and fun to be around!


    -Renee and Finley

  • Pancake - Reactive Rover 

    I rescued Pancake from Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. She was a scared little pup, and would completely flatten (hence the name!) and refuse to stand up when faced with anything that scared her in the months following her arrival. I worked to build her confidence, and after Pancake and I made several mistakes in socialization with dogs and people, I reached out to both Merri and Meg to assess her and help me navigate how to make the world less scary for her. A year later, after classes and endless encouragement from her training team, Pancake is an amazing citizen. She can walk through downtown Portland with her head high, ignoring passersby and not flattening to the ground. She has excelled in dog sports, which I never thought she would have the confidence to do, but is something both Meg and Merri encouraged us to try.

    Pancake and I have an incredible relationship based on trust and understanding, fostered by guidance and encouragement from wonderful trainers. 

    -Alex and Pancake 

  • Arty - Reactive Rover 

    Arty rescued me when she was 5 years old.  She was a dog who hadn’t experienced anything new for a really long time.  She would shake when in new places or around new things.  And I was recovering from a devastating loss of a dog.  
    We each needed to build confidence in ourselves and our surroundings.  With the help of Merri and Meg we were given techniques to try and an atmosphere in which to practice them.  Classes taken for Good Canine Citizen and Rally-O have helped us grow more confident in ourselves and each other.   I am so thankful to have met and taken classes with both Meg and Merri. 
    Our success looks like this: Arty spent the day at my new job with me.  A new office, with new people, new noises, smells – the works.  She greeted people, she explored and she didn’t shake at all, in fact she napped so hard she snored.  It felt amazing and this couldn’t have happened without the help from these two amazing women.

    -Heather and Arty

  • Salty - Partner Program 

    Salty, is a year and half old Pointer mix.  She’s been a student at Partners in Canine for several months.  The classes offer appeal to Salty’s sense of adventure and keep her stimulated which is important to “satisfying” her breed instincts.  Most recently, we have been taking advantage of the day training classes that have been great for her and my work schedule.  This picture captures all the positive work by the trainers at Partners in Canine.  Salty sat and stayed while 100s of pets and 1000s of people walked by her at a Seadog’s baseball game.

    -Gina and Salty  

  • Sunny and Heath - Reactive Rover

    Meg and Merri are the Supernannies of the dog world!  We have two beloved, and challenging, bully breed pups.  Meg and Merri have helped us work through a laundry list of behavior issues - including reactivity other trainers didn’t want to touch - and helped us to better understand and communicate with our four-legged family members.  After working with Meg and Merri for nearly three years in classes, day training, out and about adventures and boarding, there is absolutely no one we trust more with our dogs!

    -Shelby/Justin and Sunny/Heath

  • AleeJo - Partner Program 

    Our Aleejo is a red golden who is full of energy. We have attended the one on one training with AleeJo. They were amazing. Aleejo goes to day camp once a week where she can socialize with the other dogs while under close supervision. She also receives training on those days. Meghan and Merry are so caring and knowledgeable about dogs.always ready to help with any types of behavior or questions. Their staff is equally caring and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend them to any dog owners. Aleejo can hardly hold her excitement as we turn into the day camp driveway.

    -Tammy and AleeJo

  • Merlyn - Puppy 101

    "Meg and Merri were fabulous with our puppy Merlyn.  They are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.  Merlyn responded so well to their methods and it really was great training for both of us!  We have an older dog and since it's been a long time since we trained her, I found myself thinking about training in new and better ways.  The combination of in person lessons, day camp, and their online curriculum kept us motivated and accountable.  I can't wait to see how far Merlyn can go with his training after having the wonderful foundation of the Puppy 101 program.  We will be back!"

    -Jessica and Merlyn

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