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Cost: $60/$90

Length: 1 Hour

Not sure where to start? Consultations provide you the opportunity to meet (or virtually meet!) with the trainer to discuss your dog's specific behavioral concerns and your training goals.  During the hour the trainer will ask you questions about your dog, their lifestyle, and evaluate your dog's overall behavior. This information helps us determine the best training routine that will best suit your needs and goals. For in person consultations we meet in our studio. We use the Zoom platform for our online meetings - its free to use and download!

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Cost: $60**/$90**

Length: 1 Hour

**Click Here for online  packages

** Click Here for in person packages


This option gives us the opportunity to instruct you (in person at our studio or virtually!) through your training process with one on one guidance from one of our trainers. We will discuss and breakdown the hows and whys, and give you constructive feedback with your dog. Private Lessons include access to demo videos, downloadable handouts, and a one of a kind experience from our expert trainers. Schedule your lessons in no time by booking online! We use Zoom for our virtual lessons which is free to use and download. 

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This is a highly customizable, structured day care program where your dog gets individualized attention to work on skills or behaviors one-on-one with us as well as exercise/play sessions throughout the day.


Cost: $50**

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Currently offered Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-4pm

We take special care curating social groups according to your dog's social capabilities - meaning we make sure everyone is safe, comfortable, and appropriate! We also offer this service in conjunction with Private Lessons (including package specials to save you $$!) to help your dog make progress with specific skills. This is a perfect option for people looking for a safe and structured environment for their dogs during the day, as well as dogs who cannot attend a traditional doggie daycare due to reactivity.

Both versions of the program include incredibly detailed lesson plans, printable/downloadable handouts, demo videos, and one-on-one private lessons (online version offers virtual private lessons) from our instructors! They are open enrollment - which means you can start anytime! Puppy 101 can also be purchased as a PAWSOME gift for anyone with a new pup! (click here to learn more about gift card options)

The in person program includes:

- Full access to the online program material

- 3 Day Camp Sessions (learn more)

- 3 Private Lessons 


Cost: $325/$565

Length: 4 Weeks 

Our most popular program is now available in an in person AND an online format! This program is geared toward puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months of age

This program focuses on core fundamental skills including basic obedience, engagement, handling and impulse control. We will explain how to correctly expose your pup to social experiences and stimuli to help build their confidence as they mature in to adults.

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