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Image by Joséphine Menge

Come When Called

...aka Recall

Teaching your dog a solid recall (come when called) is not only impressive - it could potentially save your dog's life! It's also a common behavioral problem we see in many dogs; "My dog runs away" or "...he won't come when called.." Check out some of the ways we build a strong and reliable recall so your dog responds every time and with enthusiasm!

1. Make Sure Your Clicker is Charged with DYNAMITE

2. Play the Name Game

3. Do some Restrained Recalls

Here's a quick list of DOs and DON'Ts when you're teaching a solid Recall... 


practice this skill daily and ALWAYS make coming when called very, very rewarding to your dog. when the time comes where you need to call your dog and you don't have a reward, your dog will still perform because they will believe you intend to reward them. for every time you do not reward your dog, practice 15x where you do!


expect your dog to recall in or around environments and/or distractions you have not successfully worked with in training sessions


practice recalls on a long line or a retractable leash until the dog is successful 99% of the time. go back to using a leash when practicing in new environments or around new distractions. Use the leash to reinforce your recall if the dog doesn't respond.


poison your recall by giving the dog the option to ignore you by practicing off leash too soon.


practice recalling your dog to you THEN releasing them back to freedom in the yard, house, etc. Practice grabbing their collar or leashing them up and then releasing them back to freedom.


use your recall to only call your dog when the "fun is over" (ie when it's time to leave the park or go back inside)

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