Puppy 101

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In this program we discuss the basics of how we will teach and shape behavior, and communicate with our puppies. Get ready to set a super foundation for your dog that will last a lifetime! Click on each box below to read/watch each lesson.

Helpful Handouts

Potty Training Protocol

Sophia Yin's Socialization Checklist 

week one lessons

Lesson 1: Watch the Intro Video
Lesson 2: Communication
Lesson 3: Lifestyle Training
Lesson 4: The Clicker
Lesson 5: Food Luring
Week One Quiz
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week two lessons

Lesson 1: The Name Game
Lesson 2: Sit and Down
Lesson 3: Socialization and Handling
Lesson 4: Place
Week Two Quiz
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week three lessons

Lesson 1: Intro to Leash Communication
Lesson 2: Polite Greetings
Lesson 3: Crate and Doorway Manners
Week Three Quiz
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week four lessons

Lesson 1: Training in the Real World
Lesson 2: Puppy Training Games
Skills Test
Week 4 Quiz
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