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Partner Programs

Partners in Canine is doing something very unique in the dog training industry. Our Partner Programs combine day training and group classes or lessons to give owners a more powerful and comprehensive learning experience. Each week of every program includes two day training sessions and one group class or private lesson. We will work one-on-one with your pup during day training sessions so that when we meet for your group class or lesson your dog will have a solid foundation of the skill we are teaching you. We train the human and dog in front of us as individuals; there's no cookie-cutter system that you're expected to fit. We are dedicated to you and your dog's success.



Start Date (group class):

Sunday, Dec 1st 10:30a-11:30a

This Program includes:

- 6 Day Training Sessions

- 4 Group Classes

This unique program combines puppy day training and group classes. Each week your puppy will attend two days of puppy day school, where we work with each puppy individually on core fundamental skills including basic obedience, engagement, handling and impulse control. Puppies will also be exposed to a variety of social experiences and stimuli to help build their confidence as they mature in to adults.


At the end of each week owners will attend a group class with their puppy and we will teach you everything your pup learned during their days with us! Each week there will be homework for handlers to work on with their puppies in between day training sessions and class. 


*First Class is Human Only Orientation*

*Programs are paid in person with cash or check*



Start Date: 

Sunday November 17th 9am

This Program includes:

- 8 Day Training Sessions

- 5 Group Classes

This is our comprehensive basic obedience package. Each week dogs will attend 2 days of Day Training where we work on obedience, impulse control, and engagement. At the end of each week handlers and dogs attend a group class together. During class, a trainer demonstrates everything your dog has learned during the week with us, and shows you how to get the same response from your dog. Each week there will be homework for handlers to work on at home with their dogs in between day training sessions and class.

After completing this program, alumni are invited to attend our Paw and Order drop in classes as needed to continue to develop and practice their skills.

**First Class is Human Only Orientation*

*Programs are paid in person with cash or check*



Start Date: Friday, Nov 1st 5:15pm

This Program includes:

- 8 Day Training Sessions

- 5 Group Classes

-1 Mini Educator E-Collar 

This program is available for any dog that has gone through our on leash obedience program. Similar to our other programs, dogs will attend day training two days a week where we will introduce off leash skills with the remote collar. We will work on recall, off leash heeling, send to place and drop on recall.  At the end of each week owners will attend the group class where we will show them how to use the remote collar and what we have taught the dogs during the week. This program is awesome for anyone who wants off leash freedom and reliability with their dog!

We offer many exciting off leash excursions exclusive to our students.

**Requires completion of On Leash Obedience*

*Programs are paid in person with cash or check*




This Program includes:

- 10 Day Training Sessions

- 5 Private Lessons

This program is designed for dogs that are reactive to dogs, people or the environment.  Similar to our other programs, dogs will attend two days of day training with us a week.  However, instead of attending a group class, there will be a private lesson at the end of each week to go over what the dog has learned. Once dogs have completed this program, they are welcome to join our ongoing Reactive Rover Class, where we continue to practice exercises and skills in the presence of the dog's triggers. 

*Behavior Consultation Required*

*Programs are paid in person with cash or check*