The best thing to happen to your dog since you!


Merri Button  and  Meg Terrio

How two people went from training horses and whales to being two of Southern Maine's favorite dog trainers...


Nova is a rescue that could have had two outcomes in life.   From puppyhood he lacked confidence and had reactive behavior.    We already had 5 other rescues, all with baggage and they weren’t exactly the type of pack that would help Nova overcome his lack of confidence and reactionary behavior.    We knew if we didn’t get Nova on the right path with the right trainers he could easily be pegged as an aggressive “pit bull” living up to a negative stereotype.  Well, thanks to Meg and Merri, Nova is an exceptionally well behaved young man who has worked on his confidence and reactionary behavior.   The bond he has with Meg, who has worked with him since he was six months is amazing and she has not only trained Nova but trained us to understand the reasons behind how he acts.  I only wish I had Meg and Merri in my life with it other rescues so they too could have benefited from the exceptional training they offer.  ❤️

- Casey Etter

We are located in the North Windham Shopping Plaza behind Mainely Vapes and at the end of Abby Rd.


765 Roosevelt Trail
Windham, ME

(207) 956-0642‬

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