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Each dog enrolled in the enrichment program will get an individualized enrichment plan that can include mental stimulation, training, sports, or play. We offer the Enrichment program in 10-Day punchcards or you can save money with a monthly subscription. The Enrichment Program is also designed for dogs that may not be comfortable in large social settings and appreciate one on one play time or individual play/training with a handler. Here are just some examples of different activities your dog can participate in: SOCIAL • Group Place/Training with other dogs • Pack Walk • One on One play with handler or dog MENTAL • Scent Work OBEDIENCE • Tricks • Agility/Obstacle Course • Box Training • Weight Pull PHYSICAL • Fetch • Spring Pole • Tug 10-Day Punchcard ($725)  2x/week Monthly Subscription ($650) 1x/Week Monthly Subscription ($325)

Standard Day Camp 

For those who want a fun and structured option for daycare that includes group training sessions. 10-Day Punchcard ($525) 2x/week Monthly Subscription ($450) 1x/week Monthly Subscription ($225)

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